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      Latest Boogster News & Promotions
7/13/2014 Winner Poker and Winner Casino are down.
7/10/2014 Paradise Poker and Paradise Poker - VIP are back up!
6/26/2014 Aced Poker down.
6/25/2014 Monarchs Casino is up for 2,000 boogster points.
6/21/2014 Mega Casino added for 4,000 boogster points.
6/20/2014 Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker removed.
6/19/2014 We'll be offering Skrill transfers to select customers who have signed up to 5 or more sites. Please email us if you'd like to request a Skrill cashout.
6/17/2014 Casino 1920 and Vegas Nights added for 2,000 boogster points.
6/2/2014 Bet365 Casino and Bet365 Poker added
5/29/2014 Coral Poker go up to 5,000 boogster points. Coral Casino goes to 4,000 boogster points.
5/23/2014 Win Cake removed.

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