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      Latest Boogster News & Promotions
5/15/2015 Carbon Poker down.
5/13/2015 Bet Victor down
5/12/2015 Players Only, both down. Paradise Poker - VIP goes to 20,000 boogster points.
4/29/2015 Carbon Poker down. mBit Casino down.
4/22/2015 Paradise Poker goes to 6,000 boogster points.
4/21/2015 Titan Poker wagering requirements changed to 3,000 Titan Points w/7,000 boogster points.
4/16/2015 William Hill Poker goes to 10,000 boogster points with wagering requirements at 1,500 WH Points.
4/13/2015 Betfair Poker increased to 1,250 Status Points. Boogster points lowered to 4,000.
3/30/2015 Carbon Poker goes to 9,000 boogster points.
3/23/2015 Mansion Poker wagering requirements changed from Mansion Club Points to Status Points.
3/17/2015 Seals with Clubs down.

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