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Frequently Asked Questions


General Information
Who are you guys?  was established in July 2004 to give online poker players a way to obtain free gifts in exchange for signing up to online poker sites.
How does make money?
Affiliate programs offered by online gaming sites allow companies like to offer free incentives to customers who sign up using their affiliate codes and/or banners.  The player gets a free gift, gets a commission for finding the player, and the poker site gets a new customer!  Everybody makes out.
How do your deals work?

1) Sign up to one of our affiliate sites through the links provided.
2) Deposit real money.
3) Play a certain number of raked hands.
4) verifies your account sign-up.
5) After you've been verified, we ship the item out to you FREE OF CHARGE*
(international orders may incur a small shipping charge)

Free stuff just for signing up to a poker site, this sounds too good to be true?

Well, it IS true!  Give it a try and see for yourself.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Will you SPAM me?

Absolutely NOT.  As a matter of fact, you can use a newly created email address or a SPAM email address when filling out our registration form.  And entering your mailing address is completely optional, unless, of course, you are ordering a gift that requires a physical address.  We make money from people signing up to our affiliate sites, not from SPAM.

Sign up and Registration Help
How do I get the free gifts?
Click on one of the links under Gaming Sites on the left hand side of the main page and following the instructions
How do I open an account at Boogster?
Please following the signup instructions for each site. You will need to fill out the boogster registration form for every site that you sign up to.
Why was my account registration denied?
Please follow all directions as instructed.  You must go through the affiliate links provided on this site in order for us to get credit for referring you.  If you visit the poker site by typing the url in your browser or by clicking on another affiliate's link, then we will NOT get credit for referring you and you will NOT get your free item.  If you are uncertain about anything, contact us before signing up.
How long does it take for to verify my account with the poker site?
We email the poker site to verify your account.  This usually takes about 24-72 hours, sometimes longer.  Rest assured though, offers the FASTEST verification process.  If you haven't heard back from us within 72 hours, please  contact us.
When will my item ship and how long will it take for it to get to me?
We normally ship via USPS Priority Mail or Media mail.  Priority Mail usually takes 2-3 days inside the US and 4-6 days outside of the US.  Media Mail normally takes 7-10 days.  International orders are shipped via Air Mail Post or Global Priority Mail, which normally take 6-10 business days.
What if I have an existing play money account on one of these poker sites, am I still eligible?
Please read here for more information on how to create a new account. We do not condone doing this, however, it can be done at your own risk.  Simply put, if we get paid, then you get paid.
Can I sign up for more than one site and get more free stuff?
Of course you can!  You can sign up for as many of our affiliates sites as you like.  As a matter of fact, signing up for more sites earns you more boogster points! Just make sure you fill out a registration form for every site that you sign up to.

Can I sign up to get a free gift and rakeback at the same site?
No.  You can only do one or the other, but not both.  You can only sign up for rakeback or the one-time boogster points for each site.

Can I combine the points for the different sites that I sign up to?
Of course you can!  The more sites you sign up to, the more boogster points that you can earn.  The more boogster points you earn, the better the gifts you can choose from the boogster store!
What is considered a "raked hand"?
The definition of a raked hand is different for every poker room.  Some rooms require that you contribute to the pot, others require that the pot is a certain amount. follows the poker room's definition of a raked hand.  Please check the sign-up instructions page for more information. Also, we have a forum dedicated specifically to raked hands and player points.
How long do I have in order to complete the sign-up requirements?
Since our deals with the sites change on a frequent basis, please try to complete the wagering requirements within 60 days of opening your account.  If you need additional time, please let us know via email and we will work with you. We reserve the right to deny any account sign-ups due to account inactivity. 
Can I still qualify for one of your monthly deals if I don't finish my wagering requirements within that month?
Yes, as long as you signed up to the poker site BEFORE the deal expired, then you will still get the deal.  Please try to complete the wagering requirements within 60 days of signup.
Is there a time limit on the high volume VIP deals?
No, there is no time limit on the VIP deals. However, if we stop promoting the site, then there will be a deadline on when a player will need to finish the wagering requirements.
Do my boogster points expire?
Yes, boogster points expire after 5 years from the date in which they were awarded.
Ordering Information
How do I use my banked points?
Please post in the Banked Points Redemption forum with the items that you want. Once you are ready so spend your points, just make a request for your gift.
Shipping Information
Can you give me a status update on my account?
Please check the My Account page for updates on your account!  Type in your email address and the real time status of your orders will be displayed. You can also view how many points you have banked in your account using this link.
Who is responsible for import fees, duties, and other charges?
You will be the importer of record and will be responsible for all levies, duties, import fees, taxes, and other charges. strongly suggests that you check with your local government agency or postal service to determine the extent of such charges prior to requesting gifts. cannot issue credit in cases where packages are not delivered due to non-payment of fees.
How much does it cost to ship an xbox Internationally?

Sorry, but we cannot ship gaming systems internationally. 

How much are International shipping charges?

Once your account has been verified, we will send you an email with the estimated shipping costs.  For books, the cost to you is usually no more than $20.  For chipsets, the shipping charges are usually no more than $40. Of course, it varies by country. Remember, you can always use your boogster points to pay for shipping charges (1000 boogster points = $10).

Poker Site Questions
Which site should I try first?
Try Party Poker.  The requirements are the easiest to meet and we can usually get your account verified within 24 hours of deposit.  If you order something that can be sent electronically (e.g. gift certificate, poker tracker), you should receive your gift within 48 hours!
Which site do you like the best?
Poker Stars.  The action is the fastest out there and they always have games available.  In my opinion, it's definitely the best out there.
Do the sign-up raked hands count towards the poker room's bonus raked hands?
Yes, they do.  If 250 raked hand are required for the boogster points, then those same 250 raked hands may count towards whatever bonus the poker room gives you.
Forum Questions
I can't get past the policy page on the forum registration page.
Yeah, there's a bug in the forum software.  Try using Internet Explorer and make sure you disable all of the pop-up blocking.  If it still doesn't work, please send us an email and we'll create an account manually for you.