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Play Poker.  Free iPod, iPad, or Macbook Air

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 Here's how it works:  

  1. Make a minimum deposit of $25.
  2. Refer at least 5 of your friends to do the same.
  3. We ship an iPod, iPad, or Macbook Air to you absolutely FREE of charge.  That's it!

Please enter your email address below to get started:

Please note that players from Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, and Lithuania are not eligible for this promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch? 

There is no catch.  Poker sites pay us to bring customers to their site.  We pass on some of this money to you, we get a fraction, and they get a new customer.  We make money, you make money, and the poker sites get a new player! Everybody wins.

What else do I have to do?

After you make a deposit, you must meet the minimum wagering requirements (specified on the next page). Once the wagering requirements have been completed, if you refer at least 5 friends to do the same, then we'll ship a free iPod, iPad, or Macbook Air to you, absolutely  FREE OF CHARGE !  The more friends you refer, the more expensive the gift will be!

What happens if I lose my money before I meet the minimum wagering requirements?

Nothing.  You just won't get the free gift or the initial deposit bonus. If you want, you can always deposit more money into your poker account in order to meet the wagering requirements, but the deposit is not mandatory.

Do all of my friends have to complete the wagering requirements before I can get the free gift?

Yes, they do.  We need to ensure that everyone is doing their best job to complete the raked hands because this is how the poker sites make money.  If the poker sites don't make money, then this promotion would not be possible.

How long does this whole process take?

It depends on how fast you and your friends can play.  Usually the wagering requirements can be met within 24 hours of opening your account.  You have 60 days to complete the requirements after your initial deposit.

What if I already have an existing account at the poker site?

If you already have a real money account, then you DO NOT qualify for this promotion. If you have a play money account on the poker site, inactive for at least 90 days, then please email us your username, and we'll check to see if you are eligible or not.  And don't forget, you can always sign-up for one of our other great deals.

Who can qualify for this promotion?

As long as you don't have a real money account at the poker site or any one of their affiliate sites, then you are eligible.

Can I sign up more than once to the same site?

Absolutely NOT.  Fraudulent accounts will be banned from and all of our other affiliate poker sites.  Only one signup per household per address is allowed.  No exceptions.

I don't know how to play poker, but I want the free gift.

Please download this cheat sheet and follow it accordingly.  I suggest that you only play the hands listed under "Early Position" and "Middle Position".

Do I get to keep the money that I play with?

Yes, the money is yours to do as you please after you've completed the wagering requirements.  Party Poker will even fund your account with $25 for free after you've earned a certain number of Party Points!

How long do I have in order to complete this promotion?

You must complete the wagering requirements within 60 days of the initial deposit.

Can I get something else besides an iPod, iPad, or Macbook Air?

Send us an email at and we'll work with you.  Make sure you send an email from the email address that you specified on the registration form.

I can only get 2 referrals, can I get something for that?

No.  It's 5, 10, or 20 exceptions.

After filling out the registration form, I get an error saying "Sorry, but you or someone in your household has already registered!".  I know no one else has registered from my address, what should I do?

Please send an email to with your poker site username, sign-up date and time, and your mailing address.  We'll take it from there.

Will I get boogster points as well?

No, once you sign up for the free gift promotion, you will no longer be eligible for boogster points at the site.