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Referral Program


How does the boogster referral program work?

Create a referral link by entering your email address in the field provided below, then send the link to your friends and have them signup to one of our affiliated sites. Once they've completed the requirements, then the boogster points specified in the table below will be credited to your account automatically.

To send an email to your friend, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your email address and your referral's email address.  An email will be sent to your referral with instructions on how to open his/her account. If your referral signs up to one of's affiliate sites, then you will earn the boogster points for each site that the player si
gns up to:

Promotion Type Dollar Value Boogster Points Earned
Poker $30 3,000 boogster points
Casino $10 1,000 boogster points
Sportsbook $10 1,000 boogster points

Do I have to be an existing customer of in order to refer someone?

Yes, you will need to have an existing completed signup at in order for the referral commissions to show up in your account. Only players that you refer after your first signup will be tracked to your account.

Do I get boogster points for each site that the player signs up to?

Yes! If one of your referrals signs up to 10 poker sites, then you will get:

10 x 3,000 boogster points = 30,000 boogster points ($300)


  Please enter your email address below to obtain a referral link:


Send an email to your friend from this site:
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To:  (Enter referral email address)
Subject:  You have been referred to!


You have been referred to by

Here's what you need to do:
  1. Sign up to one of Boogster's list poker sites.
  2. Make the minimum real money deposit.
  3. Play the minimum amount of raked hands.
  4. Get FREE gifts from the boogster store!. That's it!