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Red Kings Poker | Sign-up Instructions

Microgaming Network

*** You will NOT get credit if you already have an existing account at that site!!! ***
*** Please check out the Frequenty Asked Questions for more information. ***

*** Please clear your browser cookies before downloading! (more info) ***
*** Each 1000 boogster points is equivalent to about $10 USD ***

SiteMinimum Deposit Wagering RequirementsBoogster Points Awarded Site Bonus
Red Kings Poker
$503,000 loyalty points7,000 points100% up to $2,200

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Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Clear your browser cookies.
  2. Click on the button to sign up with Red Kings Poker: SIGN UP
  3. Make a minimum initial deposit of at least $50 into your account.
  4. Earn at least 3,000 loyalty points
  5. After you've completed the requirements above: REGISTER WITH BOOGSTER  

NOTE: Please use one of the following bonus codes: 200% up to $500 - BOOGSTER
100% up to $2,200 BOOGSTER2200 . Please fill out the boogster registration form after signing up and depositing to this site, so that we can ensure that you are tracked to us properly before starting the wagering requirements.

More info:
  • U.S. residents are NOT eligible for this promotion!
  • Click here for more information on the initial deposit bonus
  • Click here for more information on earning player points for this site.
  • Players from USA, Spain, China, Bulgaria, France, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Poland and Denmark are not eligible for this promotion.
  • BOOGSTER bonus code clearance rate is 9x and expires in 60 days. BOOGSTER2200 clearance rate is 9x and 35 days. Bonus is released in one lump sum.
Account verification usually takes up to 1-4 days for this site